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Thibault Ferage, CEO of Squareasy Luxury LLC, is a business and entrepreneur since 2012. He creates 2 business with more than 1million in less than 1year in Belgium and Luxembourg. He works in the building and real estate sector since 2014 where he developed some business.

Luxembourg is one of the best places in the world to meet and network the real estate finance world. In just 4years he moved more than 100Millions contract with his network.

Why Squareasy Luxury LLC?

Thibault create Squareasy Luxury in Miami in January 2022 focused to move his finance network in the real estate sector in USA. The market of real estate in USA is so high and hard in the moment and his investor network need invest right now.

How his network invest  

The investor network of Thibault is investing with hedge-fund, family holdings from all the parts of the world.

They are interested in private equity and loan.

Squareasy Luxury make all the analysis of the project for his investor, And the experience in real estate of Thibault is a high value for his network.

The capacity of investment of the network of Thibault is from 10M$ to 1B$.

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